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My Story

My name is Michelle Livingston, LMT I have been in practice since March of 2004,  mostly in the Tri-cities TN area and 3 years in Southern Oregon. Prior To 2016, I practiced as Heavenly Massage.  I offer Therapeutic massage which is a combination of relaxation, deep tissue, massage cupping, and some energy work for chronic pain, new injuries, or emotional issues. I went massage school at Holston Institue of Healing arts with prior classes and volunteering in Pre-Physical Therapy, along with working in some medical offices doing clerical work. 

When I am not working I enjoy reading, watching movies, going to live theatre performances and music,  doing outdoor activities. 


My Approach

Each massage is based on the client’s condition. I focus on the areas of discomfort using various deep tissue and relaxation techniques. 


 I practice therapeutic massage while focusing on chronic pain. My massage is a combination of relaxation combined with deep tissue, Medi cupping, and energy work. 

For chronic problems, I instruct clients on stretches and exercises to perform at home, which will help heal and prevent further injury, while increasing their flexibility and tone in between sessions.

I have Massage experience with geriatric, pregnancy, neuropathy, sinus problems, sciatica, low back pain, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, rotator cuff, fibromyalgia, TMJ, plantar fasciitis,  IBS, and emotion issues. 

Massage offers a WEALTH of benefits including relief from pain, reduced stress, better circulation, more energy, and an increased sense of well-being.

Come EXPERIENCE a relaxing ahhhh.........

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