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Getting serious with your health - My Story of Lifestyle Change

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Total truth. I started a major lifestyle change in 2008 by taking supplements, herbs, changing my diet, yoga, and core strengthening. Then a few years later my back went out again. This past Tuesday I established with another Dr that's more holistic because regular Dr's just want to run tests and give you meds. My body has opposite affects for most meds and goes into shock easily so I can't take meds, also causes major constipation. She is suspecting another auto immune disease other than the lasting affects of my juvenile arthritis I had when I was 2. I don't complain much to people because it does no good and I'm holding out on disability til I truly can't function anymore. But since I started the journey to lifestyle change in 08 I've not been as bad off getting inflammation out of my diet and body work done to me. The biggest difference though was from switching from cows milk to almond milk, supplements, yoga/core strengthening, switching to Keene shoes, chiropractic and receiving massage medicupping (that I get very little anymore because very few do it, so I have to do it to myself some minus my back which is where all my pain is). What you put in and on your body makes the biggest difference. But I have seen so many people get better by changing what they eat, getting rid of cows milk, carbs, soft drinks, sugary coffee drinks, etc. Basics. To change your health it's worth it. If I wouldn't have started going to a holistic chiropractor 20 years ago I'm fully confident my mom and me would be in wheel chairs and bed ridden, me I may have been dead my now. I've been bad 2x in my adult life from back issues that caused digestive issues because it's all related, I was sleeping in recliners, then 2x from severe depression. I have so many clients and friends/family who say they want to make changes but it's so hard financially and time wise they say they aren't dedicated to making major changes. I offer free advise but it's been several years that anyone has taken my advise and wanted me to coach them, so I just share my story in hopes that someone wants help. Take care everyone.

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